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Nourishing Spirit recognizes and appreciates the differences in diet necessary for each person to thrive, and thus encourages intuitive personal diet discovery. Starting with the individual and broadening scope to include a larger community and environment, Nourishing Spirit helps you learn to eat, and cook in a conscious, balanced, and harmonious way. We believe that through the understanding and embracing of ourselves, each other, and the Earth?s abundance, we can contribute to growing balance and peace in the world. 

The Series
This set of four basic cooking classes, plus two electives will give you an understanding of the foods involved in a sustainable, whole foods diet with hands on experience in preparing, plus creative and delicious serving ideas.

Forming a Group
Nourishing Spirit believes in the importance of creating a community around food. We feel that the transitioning of diet can be more effective and long lasting when there is support, encouragement, and excitement to share. The Series and Specialized Day Courses are offered to formed groups of 5-8 people. We feel this amount allows for individual attention, plus the ability to keep connected outside of classes. A group can form from close friends, book clubs, parent network, etc. If you do not know or cannot find others to commit, Nourishing Spirit will help form a class or add you to an existing group. 

Hosting a Series
To give you the homey and real feeling of where most of your cooking will occur, all classes are held in a participant's home, one which is equipped with necessary kitchen tools and spacious enough for the whole group. There is a commitment on the host's part to provide a clean environment, actively participate in the classes, and open their home 30-45 minutes prior to the class and 30 minutes after. There is a 15% discount on the price of the Series for the host. 

The Series can be split between two or more hosts, and the discount is given per class. Nourishing Spirit does offer a few assistant programs, partial payment of the Series plus help before, during, and after the classes. Some previous cooking experience is necessary. Please inquire for more details. 

Nourishing Spirit is available for evening classes. We suggest getting together with your group with calendars and finding the best time for everyone involved for classes once per week for 6 weeks, or twice per week for 3 weeks. Please check with Nourishing Spirit for availability before confirming with your group. 

Cost for the Series of four basic plus two elective classes is $225.00 plus tax. This comes to around $39.50 per 3.5 hour class and includes tasting the specialties learned in each class. A deposit of $50.00 is to be received 30 days prior to to class and full payment received at the beginning of the first class. 

Please fill out the attached form and mail 30 days prior to the first class date. Checks should be made out to Nourishing Spirit. For questions please contact us at 
(319) 471-3512, or

Each Class consists of
We will start classes connecting to the group, recognizing each other and the spirit of community, knowledge, and Earth abundance. We will have a discussion and then move right into the kitchen to begin cooking, taking notes, and infusing ourselves with the creativity of cooking. Once the dishes are completed we will have a light sampling and question and answer period. This will be followed by a host, apprentice, and volunteer assisted clean up.

Summer Social Cooking Classes
with Nourishing Spirits in Kansas City
please click here.

Specialized Day Courses
Nourishing Spirit offers 6 specialized day courses for groups of 5-16 hosted in a participant's kitchen or equipped larger facility. They are 5 hours long and include an educational talk, kitchen preparation, student assisted cooking, delicious meal and question and answer period. Specialized day courses are scheduled the same as the Series and can be combined with another group to expand your community support. Nourishing Spirit is available selected weekends for these courses and the cost is $65 plus tax per person. 

Private Classes
Nourishing Spirit is available for private classes for an individual, couple or caregiver and patient. All the Series, Elective and day courses are available privately. Nourishing Spirit can also create a private class curriculum specifically to meet you dietary and educational needs. 

Personal Chef Training
Nourishing Spirit is in the process of creating a training series for those interested in becoming a Nourishing Spirit Personal Chef. This upcoming field is full of independent and meaningful benefits. Prerequisite requirements of completing the series is necessary before continuing with the Nourishing Spirit personal chef training. For more information contact Lindsay Rice.

Community Class Events
Nourishing Spirit wants to encourage you to continue the support of your new cooking knowledge by making your own dates, sharing recipes and holding food centered gatherings. Nourishing Spirit will be holding seasonal pot lucks for all cooking class groups to expand and support your community.

The Basics
These 4 classes will introduce you to the the many natural foods choices with regard to each part of a balanced diet. Focusing on each part, you will gain a broad knowledge of the ingredients to form a healthy diet for yourself. Preparation and sampling of the various choices will be included, as well as cooking styles, recipes, seasonal, nutritional, and health value. 

Grains and Pastas

Half of the world population's diet consists of wonders from the grain world. You will be introduced to grains and pastas with many cultural and ethnic backgrounds including rices, millet, quinoa, teff, and kamut and soba pasta. You will learn the basic preparation, and many ideas for creating tasty, unique, and individually appropriate dishes. 

Beans and Soy Products

A growing population is turning to the nutritional and globally practical use of beans and soy products. Nourishing Spirit will help you learn the value and inclusion of various beans plus tofu and tempeh as a staple for your protein intake. 

Vegetables and Fruits
The giant kingdom of fruits and vegetables offers so much in the way of nutritional value, taste, color, and variety. This class will cover seasonal and local produce, and the cutting, cooking, and serving styles of many types of fruits and vegetables. 

As a main staple for easy, nourishing food, soups take the lead. Combining knowledge from the previous classes, you will learn many unique soup ideas plus the basics of combination, flavor, texture, and taste.

(Extra electives may be added to The Series for an additional cost.)

For those of us with a sweet tooth, this elective will introduce you to alternative sweeteners, flours, and other medicinal ingredients used in natural food desserts. We will create easy, low fat ideas to appease the sweet tooth. Baked goods and decadent ideas for special occasions will be included. 

For many individuals the inclusion of balanced amounts of animal protein in the form of fish is supportive and grounding. In this class you will learn the preparation of many kinds of fish as well as delicious serving ideas.

One Pot Meals
This wonderful elective teaches you how to make quick, delicious, well rounded meals in one pot. We will learn how to combine grains with beans, tofu or fish, vegetables, and the right herbs and spices to create great meals to support you when time and energy are scarce.

Condiments and Snacks
Creating condiments and snacks from scratch can add nourishment and sustainability to your diet. This elective includes pickles, gomashio, nut, sea vegetable, and grain snacks that can add nutrition and taste to your meals as well as provide balanced energy between meals.

Dressings, Marinades, and Sauces
Tasty and full of texture, dressings and sauces can make all the difference to the transitioning diet. And, the inclusion of marinades can enhance the flavor of tofu, tempeh, or fish. This elective will include many recipes and teach you the basics and art of combination.

Meal Planning
"What to cook" is the continuing question. In this class you will gain a practical, useful understanding and the organizational skills to keep on top of this question and create nutritious and unique dishes throughout your day, week, and month.

Specialized Day Courses

Women's Spirit
Women, honor your own body of wisdom and vibrancy. 
In this course we will cover foods and practices that support the many cycles of a woman?s life, including intrinsic connections to the phases of the moon and Earth. Enhance your life with the healing benefits of yams, soy products, sea 
vegetables, herbs and balancing nutritional supplements. 

Children's Spirit
The world of whole foods offers many choices that can support the growth of a child?s life and create a base of strength and vitality to prosper in this world. We will cover cooking around food allergies, trying new foods, balancing treats and simple versatile ideas to meet your children?s as well as your own daily needs. This course will be open to parents and children. Some time will be divided for adult discussion and creative kids activities, then we will all work together in the kitchen. 

Romantic Spirit
In this magical course we will discover our romantic spirits; indulging in foods that excite and balance. Figs, grapes, pine nuts, black beans, artichokes, wine and chocolate are some of the foods known to be aphrodisiacs. Couples or individuals will explore creation and romance in the kitchen; learning to set a mood for evenings, mornings or day picnics. Let passion, love and an appreciation for good and healthy food enhance your lives. 

Traveling Spirit
Traveling can often be a challenging time to stick to a diet or health regime. In this course we will learn simple recipes and snacks that pack well, how to choose and adapt meals eaten out, and widening your diet on the road with supportive practices. 

Healing Food Remedies
Nature's bounty of foods are full of components that can guide the body to health. In this course we will cover the benefits of a regular healthy diet and focus on many traditional internal and external food remedies for acute and chronic dis-ease. 

Spiritual Practice and Ceremony in the Kitchen
The kitchen is the hearth of a home, connecting to the hara of the body. Alchemical combinations of fire, water, earth, metal and subtle energies dance to create food for our transformation. This course will teach techniques to reconnect to your kitchen and make cooking a conscious, life giving practice. 

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  Baaxpee is a Native American symbol representing the spiritual power with the ability to transform objects and lives.


Chef Lindsay Rice

Baaxpee is a Native American symbol representing the spiritual power with the ability to transform objects and lives.


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