Specialized Private Meals
These menus are offered only as part of a private event.
For more information, email Chef Lindsay Rice
or call (505) 670-4935.

Private Moroccan Dinner or English High Tea

Private Moroccan Dinner Party

1st Course

To begin your relaxed meal sip fragrant mint tea and nibble on:

Bread, Olives

Toasted Nuts, Hummus and Cucumber


2nd Course

Begin your feast with several flavorful salads. Up to four different salads can be served. Most are cooked salads served room temperature and eaten with bread.

Spicy Carrots
Beets with parsley and cinnamon
Spiced Potato
Orange and olive salad
Pickled cucumber with parsley, coriander
and orange flower water
Lentil with tomatoes
Artichoke hearts and asparagus
Sweet potato with cumin and ginger
Tomato, cucumber and preserved lemon
Roasted Pepper condiment
Leek Salad
Green and red pepper salad
Zuchini, pepper and tomatoes


3rd Course

These main dishes can be served with either hand-prepared Couscous or Basmati Rice. Choose 1-2 dishes.

Chickpea Vegetable Tagine
A rich stew made with carrots, yams, eggplant, zucchini, tomato, cilantro, various spices, cilantro & honey.

Baked Squash with Carmelized Onions, Almonds and Currants
A yummy baked dish enhanced with cinnamon and honey

Chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemons
A traditional dish (Djej Msharmal) with garlic, onion, cilantro, butter and spices

Fish Tagine
A coastal dish (Tgine Bil Hoot) with onions, carrots, tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, olives and spices


4th Course

Continue relaxing and digesting your meal while nibbling on sweet treats

Mint Tea
Figs, Dates, Nuts, Halvah
Pastries or cookies


English High Tea Menu

Two to three different teas can be served.

Earl Grey
Green Teas

Roiboos (South African Red Bush Tea)
Herbal Blends
English Breakfast


Scones and the like...
Served with butter and/or double cream, fruit preserves and honey.
One to two can be served.

English Scones

Cornbread or
English Muffins


Most are made with butter and can be served on thin or thick-crusted bread
with other sandwich condiments. Three to four different sandwiches can be served.

Smoked Salmon
Cheese, walnut and pear
Egg salad
Cheddar cheese
Lentil Plate


Savory Dishes
In addition choices from the Nourishing Spirit menu can be chosen.
One or two choices to be served.

Egg and Vegetable Quiche
Tofu Polenta Quiche
Potted Shrimp


Cakes and Treats
Two to three choices served.

Light lemon, Pumpkin, Anise and pine nut, or Carrot cakes
Date nut bars
Maple almond cookies
Coconut Macaroons
Pine nut and anise cookies
Double chocolate cookies
Almond butter cookies
Apple pear cous cous cake


"Lindsay is a treasure and anyone who has the honor of having her cook for them is blessed. Lindsay is an excellent chef and she paid careful attention to our particular needs and preferences." - J. Wager, Berkeley, CA


"Nourishing Spirit has opened my mind and palate to an alternative, healthier cuisine and taken the pressure off preparing good meals every day for my family. The menu choices are creative and surprisingly delicious." - K. McClung, Berkeley, CA

"I find Nourishing Spirit's socially and environmentally conscious vision refreshing. It's a spiritual practice of nourishing life and appreciating abundance. Each mouthful has been a intimate reminder that my life is interconnected with all others." - J. Wittrup, Santa Fe, NM

Lindsay's personable attitude with those involved at East West has been refreshing, and extremely appreciated.
M. Narrol, Director, East West Center, Toronto, ON


  Baaxpee is a Native American symbol representing the spiritual power with the ability to transform objects and lives.


Chef Lindsay Rice

Baaxpee is a Native American symbol representing the spiritual power with the ability to transform objects and lives.


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